BladeRunner Energy

BladeRunner Energy empowers communities by bringing affordable and reliable clean electricity to emerging markets and remote regions where conventional energy solutions are expensive or undesirable. By harnessing the power of the local water supply, BladeRunner’s micro-hydro systems provides base load electricity for communities near flowing water without the need for harmful dams. To best fit the local community, the system is scalable, easy to install and can be a stand-alone solution or a compliment to other energy sources. 

  • Simple to use micro-hydro system with only 6 main components – most of which are off-the-shelf
  • Striving to be at $2000/kW (CapEx) and $0.10/kWh (generation), BladeRunner provides the lowest cost of electricity for remote & emerging markets
  • Scalable to meet demand needs from 0.5 to 5kW
  • Rotor design inspired by Biomimicry, forms found in nature and the motion of water for enhance efficiency,
  • Easy install by one to two people in several minutes

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Contact information

Paul Vosbeek, Co-founder and CEO

Bend, OR

(202) 340-1680