Composite Recycling Technology Center

The Composites Recycling Technology Center develops and demonstrates new product manufacturing by using recycled carbon fiber “pre-preg” – carbon fiber with pre-applied (impregnated) epoxy resin. The CRTC was established as a nonprofit corporation whose purpose is to spur the growth of environmentally positive, high-tech composites manufacturing in Clallam County, Washington, USA.
CRTC was conceived and is dedicated to promoting “the Three E’s”:

  • Economy: Enabling businesses to incorporate recycled composites into product lines; creating new jobs in Clallam County; and increasing economic prosperity across the state. The CRTC anticipates creating 200 direct jobs by Year 6, or 340 jobs indirect and induced.
  • Environment: Reducing the amount of carbon fiber waste being landfilled by extending the product lifecycle, through re-use in new applications with reduced energy and environmental footprints.
  • Education: Providing workforce training, expertise and research in composite manufacturing and recycling, and increasing high-value skill sets, leading to more high-paying jobs for Clallam County. The co-located and purpose-built Peninsula College Advanced Manufacturing-Composite Technology program now offers workforce training that develops skills for the CRTC’s workforce as well as for other composite and high-tech companies.

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