Our mission is to be a global leader in the photosynthetic conversion of industrial carbon dioxide emissions into low cost  industrial chemicals. Phytonix uses synthetic biology combined with photosynthesis to produce cost leadership, carbon-negative industrial chemicals to sustain and protect our planet through the mitigation and stabilization of climate change. We will deploy our technology solutions to utilize carbon dioxide otherwise emitted into the atmosphere to replace chemicals produced from petroleum and natural gas with sustainable, biobased chemicals produced with a negative carbon footprint.

Phytonix’s technologies will help to heal our environment as it provides natural bioremediation resulting in cleaner air, water, and soil.  These technologies will reduce atmospheric levels and emissions of CO2, NOx, SOx, and others. Phytonix has targeted strategies and process technologies that use waste products as growth inputs for specific cyanobacterial strains, which in turn produce sustainable industrial chemicals and oxygen as the outputs. This can result in solutions for serious environmental and domestic security concerns, such as climate change and energy independence.

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