Pyrolyx USA

Our proprietary technology provides a circular solution to the economic and environmental challenges facing both end-of-life tire (ELT) disposal and Carbon Black production.

Pyrolyx answers two questions. First, how does the world dispose of the mounting number of end-of-life tires in a sustainable and cost-efficient manner? Second, how do we produce Carbon Black to meet growing demand and do so without hurting the environment more than we already have?

Our process disrupts the convention of only replying to either the economic or environmental concerns underlying these questions. By recycling end-of-life tires into recovered Carbon Black we eliminate strains on the environment and on society, substantially reducing carbon dioxide emissions, while also creating a product to fulfill a need.

Our business model is the product of impact investment thinking, driving both financial returns and positive, quantifiable environmental impacts. We solve two problems—disposal of waste tires and reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, driving a mutually beneficial conversation between environmental and economic goals.

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