UniWill Ventures

UniWill Ventures is an early-stage VC fund based in Silicon Valley, Seattle and Shanghai. It sources top startups that promote “health” and “happiness” of humankinds, and encourages young talents to dedicate themselves into disruptive startup companies, in which UniWill defines as “Young Entrepreneurial Spirit”.

UniWill Ventures passionately supports brilliant and bold startup founders from various fields, include AI, IoT, Fin-tech, E-commerce, Bio-tech, Ed-tech, and Ag-tech etc., Besides, UniWill also shares a primary goal to invest in self-sustainable social enterprises backed by technological innovations. Each investment is made based on the fit to all four core criteria of UniWill Ventures’ mission, along with measurable impact on our society and environment.

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Winston Sun

530 Lytton Ave 2nd floor
Palo Alto, CA 94301