The Xextex Corporation, USA

Our Environmental Innovations:


A textile produced from a proprietary blend of clean synthetic recycled fibers designed for the removal of oil from water and other liquids. Oils of assorted viscosities as well as oil sheen are absorbed and adsorbed into the textile and can be reclaimed. Both oil and textile can be recycled.

  • X-TEX an “Energy Globe” U.S.A. and World Award Winner for “Sustainability in Water”.
  • *Inventors, Patent Holders and Manufactures.


  • A major improvement in HVAC Air Filtration.
  • The Air X-TEX Long Life, HVAC Heavy Duty, High Capacity, MERV 8 Air Filter is an Extremely Energy Efficient, Mechanical Pleated Filter.
  • The media we invented for our outstanding and award-winning air filters is produced utilizing recycled P.E.T. plastic water bottles. The filters literally pay for themselves.
  • *Inventors, Patent Holders and Manufactures.

VMS (Vault Maintenance System), An Environmental Partnership

  • A scientifically designed filter sock employing the “X-TEX B12” textile.
  • Ideal for subterranean removal of wastewater, oils, liquids and waste from underground utility vaults. Also designed for building sprinkler systems for cleaning out stagnant water. Meets E.P.A standards for discharge into city sewer systems.
  • Developer & Manufacturer

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