Waste-Free Communities Matching Grant

Seattle Public Utilities is now accepting applications for matching grants for community projects focused on waste prevention. Waste prevention means creating less waste by buying and using less, using reusable items, and sharing or donating items so others can use them. When we prevent waste, we help the environment, protect public health, build community, and save money.

Grant program objectives:

  • Support community leadership and innovation around waste prevention
  • Increase community access to waste prevention opportunities
  • Reduce the amount of materials going to waste in Seattle


  • There is a total fund of $100,000 to award for the 2019-20 grant cycle.
  • Grant requests may range from $5,000 to $20,000.


Application deadline – March 22, 2019
Notice of decisions – May 2019
Contracts with City signed – July 2019
Work begins – July – October 2019
Work completed within 12 months of the project start date