Public Policy and Advocacy

Supporting the Climate Commitment Act (CCA) – NO on 2117

The CleanTech Alliance Board of Directors voted to take an official position to oppose Ballot Initiative 2117, which aims to repeal the state’s cap-and-invest program, known as the Climate Commitment Act. The Alliance has joined the coalition, and will be sharing resources, supporting, and amplifying the messaging from the ‘No on 2117’ campaign leading up to the November 2024 election. Learn more.

See and share the official campaign video – it is critical that voters are educated on this issue – key to our sector and clean technology projects across the state.

A Unifying Voice

CleanTech Alliance provides a unified voice for the cleantech industry to inform public policy through advocacy and education. This voice links our members and municipal, state and federal policymakers. Our members are kept up-to-date on topics of relevance to help ensure their organizations remain effective and profitable. To read the latest legislative updates, and see CleanTech Alliance thought leadership featured in regional news outlets, view the Public Policy portion of our blog.

Government Affairs Committee

The Government Affairs Committee analyzes public policy issues relevant to our diverse membership, then shapes and articulates their recommendations for an Alliance position before presenting them to the Board of Directors for approval. It is through these efforts that the strength of our group’s collective voice can have greater impact than any singular voice. If you are a member interested in joining the committee, please contact Lindsay McCormick at

CleanTech Day in Olympia

CleanTech Day in Olympia offers CleanTech Alliance members an exclusive opportunity to engage and educate Washington State policymakers on the impact of clean technology research, innovation and jobs. The day includes legislative briefings and a round table discussion on current government issues related to the sector.

Clean Energy Fund Impact

CleanTech Alliance worked in partnership with the Washington State Department of Commerce to encourage support of the first Clean Energy Fund in 2013. Developed by Governor Jay Inslee, the Fund supports development, demonstration and deployment of clean energy technologies.  It was proposed again in the next two biennial budgets and approved by the legislature.  The CEF continues to prove its worth by creating jobs, improving energy efficiency, and supporting innovations.  In all, over three capital budgets, more than $122 million has been authorized for capital programs that support grid modernization, solar energy, research & development, grants to support lending, and electrification of transportation.

For more on the CEF, visit our dedicated CEF page.

Maps and Toolkits

Climate Opportunity Map

Reports and White Papers

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Research and Articles

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