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CleanTech Alliance represents over 1100 member organizations spanning ten U.S. states and three Canadian provinces. The Alliance facilitates the generation and growth of cleantech companies and jobs through a variety of educational programs, research, products and services. CleanTech Alliance members come from all facets of the clean technology industry sector. A diverse membership allows the CleanTech Alliance to drive impact via the generation of cleantech jobs, and growth of products and services to advance the cleantech economy. “The CleanTech Alliance has done a great job of being an honest advocate and convener of cleantech.“ - Tim Zenk, Principal – Molecule

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Grid Resiliency Q&A #2

Grid resiliency continues to be a top priority for consumers and utilities alike. From the heat wave that pushed the Pacific Northwest's grid to the limit to California wildfires once again pushing the state closer to blackouts, grid resiliency remains a salient issue.

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Idaho Sustainability Happy Hour 8/11

Join the CleanTech Alliance, Idaho Chapter for their monthly Sustainability Happy Hour. They will chat about the latest sustainability news, network with other sustainability professionals, and listen to leaders in the industry share their latest innovations and projects.

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The CleanTech Alliance drives clean technology innovation and job growth to advance our economy.  We were started in Seattle in 2007.  Today, we are focused on issues that impact our members globally.

Over 400 member organizations are located in eighteen U.S. states, Canadian provinces, and the District of Columbia.  They represent many different industries, business models, technologies and services all working to create products and services that are better, faster, cheaper, cleaner, and safer.  This diversity creates valuable connections that make a difference for our members, our economy and our planet through policy advocacy, commercialization programs, business services and signature events that educate, enlighten and enhance profitability.

If you want to enjoy a collaborative culture that provides fuel for sustainable businesses in every industry, the CleanTech Alliance is where you need to be.

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