Impact Bioenergy Announces Partnership with CityPod: Manufacturer of Onsite Composting System

Seattle-based Impact Bioenergy has just completed an agreement with Montrealbased Vertal Inc., manufacturer of the CityPod onsite composting system. Jan Allen, President of Impact Bioenergy reports, “We have seen dozens of onsite composting systems and CityPod is by far the most complete and beautiful system on the market”.

CityPod comes in four sizes ranging from 720 to 5,850 lbs. per week at a rated 42 days of process residence time. The systems are ideal for restaurants, campuses, resorts, hospitals, casinos, conference venues, and other facilities where zero waste practices and compost can be used beneficially.

The CityPod systems are totally self-contained, taking food waste and paper products all the way to finished compost. They use 208 volt-3 phases or 240 volt-1 phase power and exhaust air and moisture through a PVC pipe much like a dryer vent. The control system is web based for remote monitoring via computer or smart phone.

These systems are constructed of stainless steel and they include an odor control system that is unequal in the industry. The systems come with an odor-free operation guarantee.

Onsite composting also eliminates the nuisance of dumpsters that leak liquids and attract insects, birds, and other animals. Food wastes go into the system immediately without being stored outside waiting for collection. The compost that comes out of CityPod is cured and ready to use. The system is automated and runs start to finish automatically. Operating costs are very low and there are no regular wear parts that need replacing. This is a simple and well-built system.

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