Occupy the Rooftop, Edmonds, WA

Source:  Tangerine Power, Press Release, December 9, 2011.  Contact: Carlo Voli 206.992 7474 | carlovoli@yahoo.com

People Power generating Clean Energy

Friday morning, December 9th, Carlo Voli, a member of the Edmonds Community solar Cooperative will Occupy the Rooftop of the Fabric of Life boutique in downtown Edmonds (523 Main St.). Voli will pitch his tent to take a stand for generating “Clean Power” through Community Solar initiatives.  As a community activist for a clean energy future, Voli believes cooperative solar energy should be the new model for a healthier future. “Cooperative solar energy initiatives bring communities together to generate local, clean renewable energy. It also stimulates our local economy by using solar equipment manufactured in Washington State” says Carlo Voli. “By forming solar cooperatives, local communities can positively impact air and water pollution, reduce costs and by-pass traditional financial institutions and corporations who profit from dirty fossil fuels that pollute our environment without any accountability,” he adds.

The Edmonds Community Solar Cooperative is the first citizen-owned community solar project in Washington State, and recently installed its first 4.2 KW solar array system on the roof of the Frances Anderson Community Center. The clean electricity supports both the community and the cultural center. The solar co-op, of 37 co-owner members from Snohomish County, plans to install a 60 KW system on the Frances Anderson Center roof before the beginning of the summer in 2012. To make this happen and still qualify for the Federal incentives for Community Solar, the Edmonds-based Solar cooperative needs to raise at least $30,000 in SunSlices™ (shares of the co-op solar system) by December 17th, 2011. Once the full system is installed the solar co-op will have several hundred members.

The rooftop at the volunteer run, Fair Trade Fabric of Life Boutique in Edmonds is once again, becoming a platform for social issues. In 2009, Carol Schillios, otherwise known as the “Roof Lady” in Edmonds, lived for over 3 months in a tent on this same roof to create awareness of global poverty issues here in our own communities and in developing countries.

“We want to motivate residents, businesses, and organizations in Snohomish County, to be part of the solution and join the solar co-op.” Schillios, says it’s time to Occupy all the rooftops in our State with locally-manufactured solar panels to create clean renewable energy and jobs. Lighting, cell phone charging, and laptops on the rooftop will be powered by one 123 watt solar panel connected to a marine deep-cycle battery and inverter. Chris Herman and other Edmonds Community Solar Cooperative members will join Voli, along with several artists and musicians who will perform on the rooftop over the weekend.

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