EV Tech Showcase

March 9, 2023 from 10:00 AM -12:00 PM PT | Virtual

Applications are closed.

Sponsored by Consulate General of Canada in Seattle together with the CleanTech Alliance, this virtual “EV Tech Showcase” event will feature a program in which Canadian companies have the opportunity to present their technological solutions directly to decision makers at public utilities, municipalities, and corporate entities.

Hear Presentations From:

  • True EV Charging* – Supply and installation of electric charging stations, designed with the latest technology and sleek, modern aesthetics to seamlessly integrate into any setting, alongside real-time energy monitoring, and automatic billing. *Aboriginal Business
  • Teal Electrification Systems Inc. – Medium and heavy-duty urban transportation options with superior range and performance, extending EV range and performance in climates from -40 to +50 Celsius.
  • SWTCH – EV charging solutions for multifamily and commercial properties using existing grid infrastructure.
  • Rainforest Automation – Energy management software leveraging meter data and machine learning to discover the effects of large loads such as EVs, then control those loads in an optimized way that balances the needs of the utility and the end consumer.
  • Plugzio – Simple and scalable power management platform that facilitates efficient monetization, monitoring, and management of power access in shared properties.
  • LeadingAhead Energy Inc. – Vendor agnostic EV consulting firm offering end-to-end turnkey project management solutions.
  • Jolt Charge – Free, fast EV or e-micromobility charging in urban areas, paid for with digital advertising on screens at charging locations.
  • FLO EV Charging – EV charging network operator and a smart charging solutions provider for public, private, and residential locations.
  • EVdirect Inc. – Deploying multi-user Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) across various industries.

General questions? Please contact jennifer@cleantechalliance.org with inquiries.

Sponsored by:

Information for Presenting Company applicants. Applications are closed.


  • Company has ownership of a technology that matches an area of interest listed below.
  • Company has a proven commercialized or prototyped technology, or can demonstrate a credible technology development paths.  


  • Successful applicants will be invited to present virtually on March 9, 2023.
  • There is no charge to participate in this event.
  • Companies must be prepared to attend the event virtually
  • Final selection of participating firms will be made by representatives of CleanTech Alliance


Technologies or concepts related to flexible/mobile electric vehicle charging-Simple and affordable solutions for multi-family and public electric vehicle charging.

  • Offerings for cities or property owners that want to provide access to charging for electric bikes or scooters
  • Multi-family property owner easy EV charging installation in their garage or parking lot without requiring major construction
  • Mobile charging for venues that have seasonal occupancy but want to provide charging to their customers only at that time or for special events
  • Mobile charger packs or battery assisted fast chargers for subscription or loan for other time limited use cases

Technologies or concepts related to electric panel optimization

  • Software solutions to provide flexibility and panel optimization in lieu of panel upgrades
  • Hardware to allow for switching of existing panel to facilitate EV level 2 chargers without panel upgrade
  • Vehicle to grid optimization strategies-hardware or software