A Take on Plastic Bags

You’re standing in line at the grocery store when you realize that you don’t have your reusable bag. You’ll have to get a plastic bag. Again. You feel bad for a moment and then think that it’s just one bag. But it isn’t …

In the U.S. alone, 280 billion plastic bags are used each year, which is enough to stretch around the earth nearly 30,000 times. Making and using plastic bags has more repercussions than you might think. Check out the following infographic to see how exactly plastic bags affect our cities, our environment and even our economy.

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Source:  LearnStuff.com, Suffocating the World, November 16, 2012.

1 thought on “A Take on Plastic Bags

  1. Actually, a small amount of a reasonably priced, food contact approved additive, added when the sheet material is manufactured, will make those bags biodegradable – in about one month, in a landfill, in a compost facility, in the ocean, or in an anaerobic digester. In a landfill or in an anaerobic digester, the bag will produce methane, which is the equivalent to natural gas. 2/3 of all trash that is landfilled in the US goes into landfills that are tapped to use this methane resource, which can be used in any use for which natural gas is used. Seattle is one city which is using this resource. Landfill science is actually quite interesting – read more about it at: http://earthnurture.com/LandfillCondTD.htmlv. See: http://earthnurture.com to learn more about this additive, which was invented in the Seattle area. Earth Nurture is a startup which is seeking seed capital and a startup team.

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