2020 Energy Leadership Achievement Awards

The Energy Leadership Achievement Awards spotlights individuals and organizations that are making significant contributions to the fields of energy policy, innovation and business. The awards are announced at the Energy Leadership Summit held in the fall. This year the Energy Leadership Summit was held on November 12, 2020.

Energy JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion) Award

The Energy JEDI Award is presented to an individual that has done outstanding work to make the energy sector more equitable, supportive of climate justice and diversity, and foster an inclusive ecosystem.

The awardee this year is Gilbert Campbell, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Volt Energy. Volt Energy is a national minority-owned renewable energy firm that finances and develops solar projects, electric-vehicle charging stations and energy storage solutions for commercial, government, educational and non-profit institutions. Volt Energy’s mission is to uplift communities through the opportunities and benefits provided by clean technology. For an industry that is progressive-minded, only 7% of solar workers are black. By his work in project development and his prominent involvement as a board member of the Solar Industry Association, Mr. Campbell is actively working to not only raise awareness, but remedy the problem. Under his leadership, Volt has created a novel energy procurement process. Buyers can now commit to clean power that is certifiably compliant with their diversity procurement criteria.

Other nominees included Dr. Mark Peters, Laboratory Director of Idaho National Laboratory and Edwin Wanji, Co-Founder and Principal at Sphere Solar.

Organization Achievement Award

This award was given to the University of Washington CLEAN Steering Committee and Jack Faris accepted the award on behalf of the committee. The UW CLEAN Steering Committee conceived and worked to implement critical energy initiatives at the University of Washington, State of Washington, and the nation. Notably, one outcome, the Clean Energy Institute (CEI) has become an internationally recognized force, effectively leveraging State of Washington research funding over the past seven years. The vision of the UW CLEAN Steering Committee has influenced state and national policies including the Washington Clean Energy Fund and activities such as the Alaska Airlines Environmental Innovation Challenge.

Other nominees included: The Emerald Initiative, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, and Sustainable Living Innovations.

Individual Achievement Award

This was awarded to Sid Morrison, Board Chair, Energy Northwest. Mr. Morrison has served as the chair of the Executive Board since 2006. Mr. Morrison is a former legislator having served in the Washington State House of Representatives, Washington State Senate and the US House of Representatives. He was appointed as secretary of transportation by the Washington Transportation Commission in 1993 where he maintained close working relationships with the Legislature and Congress. He retired from state service in 2001.

Mr. Morrison has an exemplary life-long record of public service and volunteerism in support of local, regional, state and national betterment. During his tenure, Energy Northwest’s has:

  • completed and expanded the Nine Canyon Wind Project,
  • achieved a 20-year license renewal on the Columbia Generating Station,
  • achieved agency-wide safety records,
  • collaborated to promote a commercial, small modular reactor project in the western US,
  • led the installation of nine electric vehicle charging stations along highway corridors
  • and received a Clean Energy Fund grant to install the Horn Rapids Solar, Storage and Training project.

Mr. Morrison remains a strong advocate for the mitigation of climate change impacts through a diverse, regional power mix that includes current and new clean energy resources.

Other nominees included: Dr. Srinivas Katipamula, Mechanical Engineer at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and Gary Ivory, General Manager at Douglas County PUD #1.