The CleanTech Alliance & The Center for Sustainable Infrastructure’s Clean Materials Series

Growing a Vibrant Clean Materials Industry in the PNW

When: Tuesday, Nov. 16th from 10:00 AM – 11:45 AM PT
Where: Virtual

In this fourth event in our Clean Materials Discussion Series, we’ll home in on action – concrete strategies to grow our clean materials industry into the Pacific Northwest’s next job-creating economic powerhouse.  We’ll hear about innovative companies offering clean new solutions to long-standing problems and learn about the nationally-significant policy breakthrough that happened earlier this year right here in the Northwest. We’ll also recap what we’ve learned in previous talks, which highlighted how we can grow clean materials jobs by following the clean energy playbook, the value of helping our smallest businesses transition to clean, and what some of the region’s biggest companies are doing to transform their supply chains.  Most importantly, we will explore exciting new initiatives to galvanize this emerging clean materials industry – action initiatives that you can plug into to join your colleagues at the forefront of change and innovation in one of the world’s most important sectors. 


David Allaway is a Senior Policy Analyst at the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality’s Materials Management Program, where he leads projects related to sustainable consumption and production, materials management, and climate change. He contributed to Oregon’s 2050 Vision for Materials Management and served as an invited science advisor to Wal-Mart’s Packaging Sustainable Value Network and Project Drawdown, which produced the New York Times best-seller Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming. David recently co-chaired Oregon’s Recycling Steering Committee and played key roles in the development and passage of Oregon’s Plastic Pollution and Recycling Modernization Act, comprehensive recycling and producer responsibility legislation that was signed into law in August of this year.

Clean energy, clean water, clean transportation, and clean materials are the lynchpins of a sustainable society.

Clean Materials is the next frontier of climate solutions.

The new “Clean Materials” paradigm offers a whole new approach to waste and recycling. Instead of managing materials only at end-of-life, we can rethink entire supply chains to dramatically reduce human health and environmental impacts, and generate more economic value, across the life cycle of materials and products. Clean materials companies reimagine product design, manufacturing processes, supply chains and reuse-repair-recycling systems to prevent waste, slash unwanted impacts, and create good jobs.

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