Meet Our 2024 Cascadia CleanTech Accelerator Companies

Cascadia Cleantech Accelerator Program

CleanTech Alliance and VertueLab are looking forward to introducing its 9th cohort to the Cascadia CleanTech Accelerator program at the CleanTech Innovation Showcase. This 18-week program delivers cleantech-specific training in business model development, customer discovery, manufacturing, sustainability planning, prototyping, customer delivery, and more to entrepreneurs and early-stage start-ups located in or interested in the Northwest region. Mix and mingle with the new cohort!

Learn more about our 2024 Accelerator Companies below!

Using algae, Airbuild aims to remove billions of CO₂ from the air while filtering trillions of gallons of water to restore planetary health.

ALIGN3D aims to produce 3D-printed homes and building materials using wood waste and bio-based thermoset resin. We are joining traditional bio-based building materials with advanced manufacturing methods to achieve high sustainability standards in lean construction. Additionally, we address factors that have led to the current housing crisis like affordability and lengthy project timelines. 

Banyon Power provides enabling technologies that accelerate the global transition to electric vehicles by making ownership more accessible, while assisting utilities and energy providers with grid management. Utilities are our first customer because we help them reduce grid stress by managing the timing of EV charging.

Bio Fiber Industries transforms sustainable construction with carbon-neutral, non-toxic products that redefine safety and efficiency: they’re fire-resistant, deter pests and rodents, and resist mold and mildew. By innovating beyond traditional wall systems, Bio Fiber Industries offers significant energy cost savings through improved thermal mass and reduced thermal bridging, coupled with superior acoustical performance.

Our mission at ecobadlandz is to electrify travel in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Our software product, Ranger EV, is an energy-sharing and monetization platform specifically designed for the renewable energy economy — it’s our solution to the “charging anxiety” problem experienced by electric vehicle (EV) travelers and their hosts.

Future Gen is a career exploration and workforce mobility platform for the Green Economy. We use short-form videos of working professionals from YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram to identify the future workforce’s career and skill acquisition interests and recommend career pathways.

HumanKind Homes designs, manufactures, and builds healthy Net Zero Energy workforce housing using their proprietary construction system.

Malbastone’s low carbon structural ceramic panels absorb atmospheric carbon and improve economics in construction.

Sawback enables our clients to collect, visualize and analyze near-surface data to identify underground utilities to prevent worker fatalities, fluid leaks, soil layers, and infrastructure health.

Terrestrious is a mobile game where the player can only level up in-game by making a positive sustainable impact in real life.

Wireless PNC is a clean tech startup developing efficient and universal wireless EV charging technology in order to promote standardization of EV charging and accelerate the adoption of zero-emission transport worldwide.

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