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My name is Sam Alleva and I own Evergreen Ink, a scientific documentation company. We are dedicated to propelling green tech solutions forward by taking on the task of developing scientific reports, papers, and other highly technical documentation necessary to technological validation and advancement. We hold your time sacred so you can continue your innovative work unhampered.
I started Evergreen Ink after working nearly a decade in R&D engineering. I hold a degree in Aerospace Engineering from WPI and use my engineering discipline and writing expertise to support green tech researchers and developers in their innovative and essential work.

We are committed to providing exceptional, accurate, and exciting scientific documentation to companies dedicated to green and clean technologies. Our clients freely innovate on the basis of improving the world while leaving a minimal footprint – and we are thrilled to be a part of their extended team.

We firmly believe in the power of the scientific method, accessible and exciting documentation, and that both support the drive of technological development.

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