Snorkel Hot Tubs

The SnorkelĀ® Stove was originally developed in a physics laboratory at the University of Alaska by Roger Evans. The purpose was to create an efficient wood burning water heater that would provide the luxury of hot tubbing in areas without electricity and require minimum maintenance. Several designs were tested and the best, named SnorkelĀ® Stove because most of it except the feed door and the air intake are under water, was installed in a cabin just outside Fairbanks.

The original stove became so popular that everyone who visited the little cabin with the wood fired hot tub wanted one of their own. After making stoves to meet the demand of friends and neighbors, their popularity continued to grow and the company was formed in 1979.

As Snorkel Hot Tubs, Inc. grew, we designed a smaller stove for smaller tubs, began manufacturing our own tubs and added conventional gas and electric heating systems complete with digital electronic controls to serve all needs.

But we find most people are still attracted to our natural wood-fired hot tubs for their natural simplicity. Besides being economical to purchase, operate and install, you can enjoy our tubs anywhere you have wood, water and a match. And the natural beauty of wood, the crackling fire and soothing water brings the romance of the outdoors right into your own backyard.

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