Sphere Solar Energy

Sphere Solar Energy has been operating in Washington State since 2015. We have completed countless projects since then while enlarging the suite of services we provide. Whether you are looking to add solar to your household, your business, your school, your non-profit, or a government building, our experienced team can accommodate any request and rooftop configuration you have.

Included with every installed system is a software program that allows end-users to monitor on-site energy production and consumption. And if you wish to add further value, we can connect your solar array to a battery storage system or an electric car charging station. Follow the links below to learn more about our services.

We use solar panels of the highest quality. All of our panels are manufactured in Washington and they are tailored to the low-light conditions that we see during winter months. Once installed, these industry-leading panels are backed by a 25-year equipment warranty and our 10-year workmanship warranty.

Our mission is to make clean energy systems more accessible throughout the Northwest and in developing communities abroad so that a greater number of individuals can power their homes and their lives in a way that does not harm the environment and future generations. 

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