Our Member Benefits Matrix

Executive CirclePlatinumGoldStandard
Annual membership dues (calendar year)$25,000$12,000$6,000$400 - $4,000*
Membership for all employeesXXXX
All employees eligible for participation
on committees and working groups
Cost savings and discounted offers
on business services
Access to CleanTech Alliance Health Trust
(eligibility restrictions apply)
Eligible for features, executive Q&As
and newsletter stories sent to 13,000+ subscribers
Access to Job/Research Opportunity Board
Board of Directors seatXXX
Preferred consideration for speaking opportunities for company representatives XXX
Listing in CleanTech Alliance staff email signaturesXXX
Preferred consideration for CleanTech Alliance
headline event sponsorship
Advertisements on CleanTech NewsletterUnlimited5 included
($250 value)
2 included
($100 value)
Member Rates
Complimentary postings to Job/Research Board
UnlimitedUnlimited5 included
($250 value)
Member Rates
Complimentary exhibit space at
CleanTech Alliance events
Any event
(>$4000 value)
2 events
($2000 value)
1 event
($1000 value)
Complimentary CleanTech Alliance event tickets
4 each event
2 each event
1 each eventMember Rates
Discount on any additional tickets to CleanTech Alliance events40%30%20%

*Standard membership dues are $400 for 0-3 employees, $750 for 4-7 employees, $1,450 for 8-12 employees, $2,150 for 13-19 employees, $3,150 for 20-49 employees, and $4,000 for 50 employees and higher. Businesses located outside of Washington State receive a 25% discount on Standard Membership.

Health Trust Brokers Price is $325 .