McKinstry Innovation Center Adds Four New Tenants

–The American Strategic Group is a natural gas development company that is developing technologies that increase the use of cleaner fuels in transportation, electrical generation, stranded gas and renewable biogas marketing, emergency fuel storage and microgrids.

Everest Sciences advances the gas turbine industry with its proprietary integrated, packaged systems that combine inlet filtration and inlet cooling designed to provide cooler, denser air to enable greater power output with improved fuel efficiency.

TreeFree Biomass Solutions brings innovation to the alternative materials sector with its patented Nile Fiber that serves as a substitute for tree material in manufacturing quality pulp, paper, building materials, bio-fuels, bio-energy, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals.

Emerald Cities Seattle is a nonprofit partnership that seeks to implement a comprehensive retrofit of Seattle’s building stock for deep energy savings, carbon reduction, and equitable high road jobs in the construction industry.