Where Washington Ranks

Clean Energy Jobs as a Share of Total Employment (2007): WA ranked 12th in the nation. Clean energy jobs made up 0.549% of employment. (Source: Pew CT)

  • Venture Capital Attracted (2006-2008): Our state ranks 4th with $635M raised from VC sources. (Source: Pew)
  • Electric Power Generated from Renewable Resources (2009): WA is 2nd at 75.44% (behind ID at 86.41%).  (Source:  US Energy Efficiency Administration)
  • Electric Power Generated from Biomass (2009): WA ranks 25th with 1.37% of electric power generated from biomass sources.  (Source: US EEA)
  • Electric Power Generated from Wind (2009):  WA ranked 11th at 3.38%.  (Source: US EEA)

Data collected from the 2011 Competitiveness Greenbook:  Key Indicators of WA State’s Environmental Status, Association of Washington Business.