Port of Seattle: Attracting Next Generation Industries Roundtable

On July 12, the Port of Seattle held a Roundtable discussion on “Attracting Next Generation Industries.”  Participating in the discussion from the Port of Seattle were Commissioners Tom Albro, Bill Bryant, Gael Tarleton, John Creighton, and Port CEO Tay Yoshitani.  Invited guests included Tom Ranken (President and CEO, Washington Clean Technology Alliance), Art Sauls (General Manager, Composite Solutions), John Duffy (Manager of Research and Engineering, PACCAR), Steve Hughes (President, Natural Resource Consultants), and Terrence Sweeny (Vice President, Clinical Affairs, Philips Ultrasound).

A link to a video of the discussion can be found at http://www.portseattle.org/about/organization/centuryagenda.shtml

Among the suggestions that were offered to the Port about how to engage ‘next generation businesses” were:

  • Use the Port’s vast knowledge in exporting and export assistance to help companies generate more overseas sales.  Many companies–particularly small businesses–lack the resources, expertise, and experience to export.  Improving their knowledge of how to be successful might generate large new markets.
  • Work with the trade associations like the Washington Clean Technology Alliance.  Our mission is to help our members succeed–integrating the Port’s efforts directly to the membership would be helpful all around.  We have the forums and communications systems to take the Port’s messages directly to the users.
  • Pay special attention to entrepreneurs.  The next big successful innovator faces huge hurdles.  If we can help that entrepreneur make it, our region will be vastly better for it.