Van Jones: Community Power Works is Just Getting Started

Source:  Sightline Daily, August 29, 2011.  In response to media criticism of the Seattle Green Jobs initiative (see blog), Van Jones defends the program.  There are still two years to go, he says, and a base for success is being built.

“Although the Community Power Works Program has been under critical heat in the media recently, it still shows promise. The $20 million federal grant runs through 2013 – more than two years from now. Seattle’s program is showing great promise. Four hospitals and 19 city buildings are already on the rolls for upgrades. Just four months into the Community Power Works for Home effort, more than 350 homeowners have signed up for the program and momentum is building.  Major projects scheduled for this fall will employ graduates from the Seattle Vocational Institute and South Seattle Community College.”

Jones has been a hero to some and demonized by others.  See his bio on WikiPedia here.