EQ2 and Trucost Plc Announce Partnership

Source: EQ2 Website.  EQ2 announced a partnership with Trucost on September 7.

Trucost helps its clients understand the true cost of business, in order to use resources more efficiently, across operations, supply chains and investment portfolios.  Trucost quantifes environmental impacts and puts a price on them, helping clients understand environmental risk in business terms.  Trucost is based in London and Boston.

EQ2, based in Seattle, London, Boston, and DC, provides a business sustainability control platform, mentoring, advisory support, and training services.  The EQ2 team has significant experience in business change processes relating to the economics of climate change and sustainability risk management.

The EQ2 partnership with Trucost provides a business sustainability control platform, featuring cutting edge sustainability databases, measurement module, reporting module, and a fully forensic user management system.