Powerit Solutions Announces New CEO

Source: Powerit Solutions press release, September 21, 2011.

An Entrepreneurial Executive and Energy Efficiency Expert, Klustner to Scale the Cleantech Company

(SEATTLE, September 21, 2011) Powerit Solutions, an international cleantech company that plugs energy-intensive businesses into the smart grid, today announced that Kevin Klustner, a noted executive in the energy efficiency field, has joined the firm as CEO. Klustner began September 6 and also holds a seat on the board.

“Kevin brings a wealth of highly relevant experience to Powerit Solutions,” says Claes Olsson, chairman of the Powerit Solutions board of directors. “He knows the industrial and commercial energy management system marketplace intimately and he’s successfully grown companies like ours. He’s also very experienced in the international arena, seasoned in corporate governance, and has demonstrated success in entering new markets and building and scaling companies to take leading positions. He’s affable, articulate, and leads by example with integrity—we couldn’t be more excited that he’s joined Powerit.”

An executive with more than 25 years’ experience, Klustner has a successful track record of leading teams of up to 1,000 people and managing multibillion-dollar operations within Fortune 50 companies as well as venture-backed startups. He has deep experience with cleantech, including environmental issues and public policy, and has spent a significant portion of his career developing international businesses.

Says Klustner about his new position, “Powerit Solutions has very successful businesses in North America within the metals/foundry and industrial food processing sectors. Our goal now is to take this proven product, expand our partner network, leverage our Scandinavian operations to expand internationally, and further enhance our product road map and long-term strategy. I’m thrilled to lead a company poised for growth and to be a part of the team that’s made Powerit so dynamic.”

Klustner’s prior executive positions include serving Verdiem Corporation as president and CEO, when the green IT company rose to national prominence in the energy software market. Klustner brought in venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and grew Verdiem eightfold during his three years there.  While at WRQ as COO and VP of sales and marketing, he drove the company’s international expansion and grew revenues more than tenfold. WRQ also ranked as one of Fortune magazine’s 100 Best Places to Work.

Klustner is the author of Energy Efficiency: The Future is Now (CreateSpace, 2008) and has published articles and editorials discussing management, strategy, and the cleantech field in The New York Times, Inc. magazine, and The Wall Street Journal. Most recently, he was a managing partner and co-founder of Convergency Partners, a growing management consulting firm that works with C-suite executives. Klustner holds an MS in Operations Research from Stanford University as well a BA from Stanford. To learn more about his background, read his biography.

About Powerit Solutions

Powerit Solutions is a Seattle-based international cleantech company that plugs energy-intensive businesses into the smart grid. Powerit’s Spara technology enables users to automatically increase energy efficiency, cut peak-rate usage, participate in demand response programs, and respond to dynamic pricing advantageously—without compromising quality, production, or comfort. For more information, visit the Powerit Solutions website.