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  1. Two years ago I began to research and develop sustainable agriculture management strategies. The goal was to design affordable solutions for food production and water purification. I wanted to grow the best nutrition-rich food using less water while reducing farming costs by 40%. What resulted was an evolution in irrigation technology where recycling water has the greatest environmental initiative.

    Traditional irrigation is approached the same way whether you are a homeowner or a golf club superintendent. Water, fertilizer, herbicides, and pesticides are all administered on the surface. If the porosity is high enough to allow the application to reach the root zone we’re satisfied, but at what cost? Over 40% of water used during irrigation is wasted. Nutrients are leached from the soil and then contaminated by chemicals. Thus traditional irrigation is inefficient and expensive.

    My new irrigation technology is a total grass management system or GMS. This system is designed to irrigate and feed sod at the root zone providing maximum hydration and nutrients where it is needed. GMS technology provides the following benefits:

    Captures 100% of unused water for reuse during the next cycle,
    Irrigation contains a nutrient solution, not just water,
    Fewer irrigation cycles required due to absorbent substrate,
    Provides a cost saving in water related utilities up to 60%,
    Reduces evapotranspiration rates by half,
    And protects the soil and grass surface from chemicals.

    The GMS is exempt from water restrictions since no water is wasted. Backflow preventers are not required as the system is never directly connected to a fresh water source. Also, installation is quick and doesn’t scar the surface with trenching lines. But perhaps best of all, GMS excels at water conservation, soil preservation, and is cheaper to install than traditional irrigation. I believe this green technology is the future of landscape irrigation.

    Final testing was completed last year during the Texas drought with amazing results. Now GMS is ready to be released either to a professional company interested in bringing this vital and lucrative technology to market or to a business who desires this technology for their private use. If you are interested in finding out more please visit my website or contact me at the above number.

    Thank you for your time.

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