Buildings Getting Smarter

Source:  Distributed Energy Management Press Release, October 6, 2011.

Managers of midsized office buildings are using new tools to better understand how their office space uses energy, and more importantly, how easy it is to make small adjustments that result in significant savings. A new start-up company, Distributed Energy Management, has developed software that allows building managers to fully take charge of operational changes to A/C and heating units, and make micro adjustments on a daily or hourly basis based upon changing needs, weather, and operational contingencies. No hardware is necessary and solutions are provided within the constraints that exist for the building.

It all adds up to huge savings. Katherine Morgan, of Cascade Power Group who serves as the Resource Conservation Manager for the City of Bremerton, quickly understood that the software gave her new tools and power to understand how her building was using, and sometimes wasting energy. She was able to pinpoint problem areas more readily, precisely understand how her building was wasting energy and identify over $3,500 of savings potential. More importantly, she was able to focus directly on the exact actions needed, resulting in a facility action plan will save both money and energy that does not interrupt the operations of the facility.

“We were able to quickly prioritize interventions, justify the changes and quantify the effects,” said Katherine. “A full analysis of a building takes a long time and lots of effort. Distributed Energy Management quickly provided a level of analysis that is not practical to perform manually for every building in my portfolio.”

Jimmy Jia, CEO of Distributed Energy Management, notes “ Our software is a game-changer that allows building managers to take charge of their energy consumption and recognize significant savings. We have some additional features that will drive even greater efficiencies”. Buildings no longer have to be big dumb boxes and smart building managers now have the tools to squeeze additional savings.

Cascade Power Group is a recognized leader in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in the Pacific Northwest. We work with clients to develop strategies and implement solutions that will take them from simple energy savings to full-scale energy independence. For more information, please contact Chuck Collins, CEO.

Distributed Energy Management helps property managers allocate energy costs based on operational behavior. We use sophisticated software to provide an unmatched view of energy consumption, pinpoint sources of potential energy wasting practices. For more information, please contact Jimmy Jia, CEO.