Seattle Region Tops in High-Technology Employment Growth

Source:  Joel Kotkins, Forbes, November 18, 2011.

Seattle was ranked the number one region for high-tech employment growth.  According to Joel Kotkins in Forbes:

Out of the 51 largest metro areas in the U.S., the Valley’s longtime tech rival has emerged as our No. 1 region for high-tech growth, based on long- and short-term job numbers. Built on a base of such tech powerhouses as Microsoft, Amazon and Boeing, Seattle has enjoyed the steadiest and most sustained tech growth over the past decade. It is followed by Baltimore. MD (No. 2), Columbus, OH (No. 3), Raleigh, NC (No. 4) and Salt Lake City, UT (No. 5).



The only other regions with gains in technology employment over the last ten years are Jacksonville, FL (No. 6), Washington, DC (No. 7), San Bernardino-Riverside, CA (No. 9), San Diego, CA (No. 9), Indianapolis, IN (No. 11) and Orlando, FL (No. 24).