Hannover Messe (Trade Fair) April 23-27, 2012

The WCTA is working with the Washington State Department of Commerce to provide information to the Hannover Messe Trade Fair taking place in Hannover, Germany on April l23-17, 2012.  Here is a description of the fair:

Technology Meets Progress

Boasting eight flagship trade fairs with exhibitors and trade visitors from all over the world, HANNOVER MESSE will once again confirm its unique global standing in 2012. It remains without rival as a showcase of industrial technology, with more world firsts on display and more integrated solutions than elsewhere.

The figures for HANNOVER MESSE 2011 are certainly impressive, and they underline the key role played by this event in shaping our industrial future and charting the economic fortunes of our technology-based industries. Over 6,500 businesses from 65 countries came to Hannover to display their solutions.

  • Here is a presentation developed by Hans Toorens (Worldwide Business Development Marketing and Sales Management Consultant | + 1 (360) 794-6998 | hanstoorens@comcast.net |www.toorens.com) on the fair.
  • The Washington State Department of Commerce has a program that may subsidize the cost of qualified companies participating.  You can find information here.