Seattle Listed #5 Smart, Sustainable City

Source:  Shawn Lesser, Green Chip Stocks, March 16, 2012.

Shawn Lesser writes on Green Chip Stocks that Seattle is one of the nation’s top Smart, Sustainable Cities.  A “Smart City, ” he writes,  is “defined as one that uses technologies in the field of information and communication to become much more intelligent in the way it handles resources to ensure in savings via cost and energy. These technologies are also utilized to improve quality of life for all residents as well as decrease climate change and negative environmental impact.”

Seattle is noted for:

  • The Green Building Sustainable Communities Program which creates projects that meet sustainable outcomes;
  • Tax breaks and loans provided to businesses and residences;
  • Leadership in using garbage to generate electricity;
  • The top Green Fleet Plan in the U.S. working to reduce petroleum dependence; and
  • The Seattle community being instrumental in the creation of energy efficiency policies.

The top five cities are Boston, San Jose, San Diego, and Austin.