PNNL: Buildings Could Save 38% of HVAC Bills

Source:  PNNL Press Release, April 19, 2012.

According to PNNL research, U.S. commercial building owners could save 38 percent of their heating and cooling bills if they installed a handful of energy efficiency controls that make their heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems more efficient.  The savings were based on modeling and simulation of building energy usage. The controls that provide these savings are not widely available commercially, but it is hoped that the research will encourage expanded production.

1 thought on “PNNL: Buildings Could Save 38% of HVAC Bills

  1. The report states that, “the most efficient of these controls are not widely available commercially,” but as the manufacturer of the highest-performing product involved in the PNNL study, Transformative Wave Technologies stands ready to meet any production demand.

    Our product has not only been modeled for this study by the PNNL, but we have extensive field results (70 million points of data), which we would gladly share with anyone who is interested.

    If you have an interest in exploring what this kind of efficiency technology might do for your buildings in terms of energy savings and financial return, please give us a call at 855.867.2333 or e-mail our National Account Executive:

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