Natural Gas: WA State Ferries are Considering Use

The Washington state ferry system is exploring using liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a way to save money on fuel prices.  Ferry system officials are proposing to alter six ferries from diesel to natural gas, the Kitsap Sun reported.  Staten Island Ferries and Quebec Ferries Company have also begun changes to natural gas.

“We don’t think it’s crazy. We don’t think it’s radical,” said George Capacci, WSF’s deputy chief of operations and construction. “We think it’s the logical evolution of marine propulsion.”

Converting the ferries to natural gas could cut fuel costs in half.  The switch to natural gas could also reduce particulate matter, sulfur oxide emissions, nitrous oxides, and carbon dioxide.

Source:  Seattle Times, May 13, 1012.  Information from Kitsap Sun.