Converting the Trucking Industry to Natural Gas: The Conditions for the Switch

The National Energy Policy Institute performed a case study on what it would take for the trucking industry to convert to natural gas heavy trucks.  The societal benefits from choosing natural gas over oil are evident, but are they enough for companies to make the capital investment and risks?

The study outlines the economic and operational factors that the investor must consider and the minimum mileage needed for cost-effectiveness.  The most attractive fleets are those with high mileage and fuel available within a 350-450 mile operating range.  It also recognizes breakthroughs for some of the barriers such as the upcoming 11.9L spark-ignited engine in 2013 and fueling infrastructure along major interstate corridors.  80 new stations are planned to open by December 2012.

For the complete case study: Anna Lee Deal, National Energy Policy Institute, June 13, 2012.