SnoPUD’s Planet Power Supports Six New Solar Projects & School Programs

More than 3,000 Snohomish County PUD customers are supporting solar energy demonstration projects by participating in the Planet Power green energy program.  Six additional projects will be installed this year for a total of twenty-one solar units in the County.

The 2012 projects, pending final approval, are:

  • Arlington High School – An 8 kilowatt solar array is planned atop the school’s sports stadium, which offers considerable visibility and learning opportunities. The project will include creation of an interactive Internet webpage to share data with students, families and the public.
  • Assistance League of Everett – A 3.3 kilowatt system will be installed on top of the local non-profit’s thrift shop. The Assistance League will share solar energy data with visitors via special video displays and other educational materials. The project will complement the organization’s existing programs for K-12 students.
  • Darrington High School – A 9.8 kilowatt solar energy system on the school’s rooftop will provide clean, renewable solar energy for students and staff. The project includes an informational kiosk to share data and solar energy curriculum for students.
  • Granite Falls High School – An 8.5 kilowatt solar unit will be installed on the school’s south facing rooftop, which has strong visibility in the community. The school also will install a video monitor to share system data, and it will hold community events to build awareness about solar energy and other green resources.
  • Park Place Middle School (Monroe) – A 5 kilowatt solar panel system is planned for the school’s rooftop. The installation will enhance 8th grade science curriculum and give students hands-on experience with solar power. Solar energy information will be shared via the Monroe School District’s website and through other existing communications channels.
  • Sultan High School – A 5.3 kilowatt system will be installed on a breezeway roof to support the school’s “Green Sustainable Design & Technology Program.” Solar energy information will be shared via the school’s website and at numerous school events during the year.

In addition to the solar energy installations, the PUD’s Planet Power program also will fund an informational solar kiosk at the Snohomish County government campus, which will complement an existing solar energy installation on a rooftop.

Customers can enroll in Planet Power through a contribution of $3 or more each month as part of their utility bill payment or they can make a one-time payment of $15 or more. Every dollar contributed goes directly to operate the program, educate the community, and increase the energy produced from renewable sources. Customers can enroll online here, in person at any PUD office, or by calling the utility’s Energy Hotline at 425-783-1700.