Angel Investing: Low in the Northwest?

The Angel Resource Institute, CB Insights, and Silicon Valley Bank have been working to create a knowledge base, The Halo Report, to add to the understanding of angel investing in the economy.  The latest Halo Report implies that the Northwest region may be weak in angel investing.

Angel investing has often been viewed as a weakness in the Seattle market.  The Halo Report provides some evidence that this might be true.  Northwest companies (Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Wyoming, and Montana) raised 4.9 percent of the total dollars invested nationally in the past year.  8.3 percent of the deals in the country occurred in the Northwest.

The report did note that the Alliance of Angels of Seattle was one of the more active groups (during the first quarter).

Source:  John Cook, Geekwire, July 9, 2012 and Halo Report, July 8, 2012.