Cleantech Leaders are Optimistic About 2013

Last week, the WCTA sent out a member survey in order to achieve a clearer understanding of the current state and priorities of the cleantech sector in Washington.  So far, about 20% have responded and their answers reveal a positive outlook on the growth of the industry.

Over half plan to add to their employment base within this year.  In the cleantech sector specifically, 2012 promises over 130 new cleantech jobs.  “Increase in capital” (44%) and “government policy change” (37%) were viewed as the most significant factors to growth. No one selected “access to new technology,” suggesting that knowledge exists; it just needs to be commercialized.

Company leaders agree that multiple approaches are necessary to advance the industry.  Additional funding for research and for companies were seen as the predominant issues by at least 44% of respondents.  More incentives for purchasing cleantech products and services were also seen as important for further growth (44%).

So far, 76% of respondents are optimistic about next year’s economic outlook.

Source: Lynn Coppedge, WCTA Intern