Demand Energy Networks Featured in Geekwire

Source: Denis Du Bois, Geekwire, July 19, 2012.  The following is a post from Geekwire about WCTA member and Pacific Northwest Cleantech Open Semifinalist Demand Energy Management.

Q&A: Clean tech startup links business decisions to energy costs

Distributed Energy Management has business intelligence software that analyzes the energy data from smart meters, or any other data source, and correlates it to business operations. I chatted with founder Jimmy Jia, who holds a BS and MS in Material Science and Engineering from MIT and an MBA from the University of Oxford, to learn more about the Bremerton-based startup company.

How is Distributed Energy Management going to change the world? “Thinking about energy in terms of operational cost makes it easier for business owners to make changes and save energy. We’re a business intelligence service on top of their energy usage information that turns their smart meter data into something that relates to their business operations. That way the building manager or business owner doesn’t have to make energy decisions based on kilowatt-hours, which is something most people don’t understand. Instead it shows how to optimize their operations.”

Read more here.   This article is one of a series by Denis Du Bois about participants in the 2012 Cleantech Open.  Denis is a GeekWire contributor on energy topics, and a volunteer mentor to startups in the Cleantech Open.