nanoICE CEO Craig Rominger Launches Hunger Project

From Stan Emert, Executive Director of The Post Harvest Project:

I asked Craig Rominger, President and CEO of WCTA member company nanoICE, if I could contact you, because I thought you would want to help put Craig’s vision into action.

When I first heard about nanoICE, I thought “what a tremendous idea!” As I got to know Craig, I found that he had a deeper vision – one where people around the world could benefit from great technologies. Craig’s idea was centered on a basic necessity of life: nourishment.

We know that there are nearly 1 billion people in the world who are starving.  And we hear many people talk about solving hunger, but Craig has a vision of much more than talk. So, he formed the Post Harvest Project to take action to reduce post harvest waste to help feed the world.

In Impact Countries, people eat what gets to their table, but they lose 50-80% of what they grow and catch. This loss comes from not having the technologies to preserve their food. Craig’s plan is that the Post Harvest Project will bring technologies to Impact Countries to help them reduce waste, and feed their families and communities, while making better livings. In fact, when we implement Craig’s ideas, there will be an immediate positive impact.

There is a lot more I could say, but this email is long enough already. I invite you to contact me for questions or visit the website.

Then, I ask that you help put Craig’s vision into action by making a tax-deductible contribution to the Post Harvest Project.

ONE MORE REQUEST – help us use the power of the internet to make this viral. Let’s get 10,000 donations before the end of the year and show the world that reducing post harvest waste is a priority.

No more talk about eliminating hunger. It’s time for action.

Thank you!

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