Ocean Acidification: What Do You Think?

Today, the Governor’s Blue Ribbon Panel on Ocean Acidification released its final Report, Ocean Acidification: From Knowledge to Action, Washington State’s Strategic Response, along with recommendations.  The Panel, which was derived from the work on the Shellfish Initiative, was to study Ocean Acidification and its potential impacts on Washington waters.

A link to the follow report is available on-line here:  Ocean Acidification: From Knowledge to Action, Washington State’s Strategic Response

The Governor’s Executive Order on Ocean Acidification, also signed today, is available here:  Executive Order 12-07 Washington’s Response to Ocean Acidification.

Following are some of the key actions called for in the Report:

“The Panel recommends 42 actions in the following areas….

  1. Reduce emissions of carbon dioxide;
  2. Reduce local land-based contributions to ocean acidification;
  3. Increase our ability to adapt to and remediate the impacts of ocean acidification;
  4. Invest in Washington’s ability to monitor and investigate the causes and effects of ocean acidification;….”

Other key sections to review:

  • Chapter 4 – focus on reducing emissions,
  • Chapter 5 – focus on local land based contributions,
  • Appendix 6 – Letter from Rep. Smith, Panel Member, to the co-chairs.

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