Governor Inslee Outlines His Economics of Clean Energy Ideas

Governor Elect Jay Inslee
Jay Inslee

Source:  Jay Inslee, Publicola, December 11, 2012.

Washington voters recently answered the question of whether we could move on a vision that embraces both job creation and protection of the natural beauty of our state.

Washington said, yes we can and yes we will.

I believe deeply that Washington is an innovative, forward-looking state.  We have a diverse assortment of innovative industries that can help us lead the world, from aerospace and maritime to life sciences and agriculture.

Denial is not a strategy.  Delay is not an option.  There are people who refuse to accept science no matter how many storm surges, torrential rainfalls, droughts, and demise of ocean species occur.  We can’t wait for them.  But nowhere is the ethos of innovation more promising and more powerful than at the intersection of our economy and our environment.  The time to grow jobs and a sustainable environment is now.

Climate change is altering the landscapes and weather patterns of our planet and our region.  This disruption puts our economy at risk.  Water and power supplies, forest health, and coastlines and flood-prone communities are threatened.  Our shellfish industry is already suffering from the documented impacts of ocean acidification from carbon pollution.  Our oceans today are 30 percent more acidic than in pre-industrial times and, if we fail to act, will be 100 percent more acidic by the end of this century.

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