The China Greentech Report

The China Greentech Initiative, of which WCTA Gold Member APCO Worldwide is a founding partner, has published its China Greentech Report 2012. The report includes updates, opportunities and trends in China’s greentech markets.

The China Greentech Report 2012 is an annual report on China’s greentech sector that examines China’s commercial cleantech market. The report is developed by The China Greentech Initiative (CGTI) – CGTI is a partner funded platform that promotes China’s greentech markets through joint and shared market research and high-level meetings. APCO is a founding partner for CGTI and has been CGTI’s government relations partner since the organization’s inception four years ago

The China Greentech Report 2012 includes market updates and opportunities for six greentech sectors: Cleaner Conventional Energy, Renewable Energy, Electric Power Infrastructure, Green Building, Cleaner Transportation, and Clean Water. Insights about these sectors include such findings as how private equity and venture capital investments in China’s private water sector increased from $US 50 million in 2010 to US$ 400 million in just the first four months of 2011, and that vast unconventional domestic gas reserves, including shale gas and coal-bed methane, could ease China’s gas shortfall, which is expected to grow nine-fold by 2015, for example.

The report also contains findings regarding the status and trends for China’s greentech markets, including continued aggressive government policies to support greentech growth, growing public awareness of urgent environmental problems, and that China is going global to satisfy energy security needs and to meet emission reduction goals.