Inslee Claims Clean Energy Mandate, Outlines Ideas for Sector

Governor Jay Inslee
Jay Inslee

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee says he has a “mandate” on clean energy and outlined “eight general ideas” to advance the sector, but he offered little in the way of specific new policies to his stalwart supporters at the Washington Clean Technology Alliance policy conference.

“We were the first state to really elect a governor who made a big deal of that during the campaign,” Inslee told the audience of about 200 earlier this week. “So this is a mandate of sorts from the people that we should move forward on clean energy.”

Inslee says technology, public attitudes, leadership from the White House and Pentagon, and an urgent need to act have combined to make this “the season for clean energy in the state of Washington.” He promises “a fairly aggressive statement and action plan,” and while he put a little more meat on the bones of his policy priorities, he says he’s still not ready to unveil all the details.

Read the full story at the source: Ben Romano, Xconomy, February 1, 2013.