LaserMotive Introduces First Product

LaserMotive, a company known for using lasers to transmit power through the air, is expanding to a new medium: fiber-optic cables.

The system uses a laser to convert electricity into light for transmission over fiber optics. On the other end, a photovoltaic receiver converts light back into electricity.

The company, based south of Seattle in Kent, this morning announced the first in a new line of products that will use lasers to transmit power over fiber-optic cables without a traditional electrical connection. The company says its new “MicroPoF” system can transmit power measuring a few watts, or hundreds of watts, over fiber as long as 3,000 feet.

Read the entire story at the source:  Todd Bishop, Geekwire, February 12, 2013.  LaserMotive was a Cleantech Open SemiFinalist.