American Security Project White Paper: Fusion Power – A 10 Year Plan to Energy Security

The American Security Project’s new White Paper report, “Fusion Power – A 10 Year Plan to Energy Security” is a detailed plan to accelerate the development of fusion power.

Fusion energy, according to ASP, holds great promise to meet America’s energy needs. Energy from fusion is clean, safe, secure and abundant. However, given current support for fusion, commercializing fusion power remains decades away.

ASP’s report lays out an “Apollo Program” for fusion power that will lead to demonstration-level fusion power within a decade. To get there, the report provides several recommendations. For example, the President should appoint a Fusion Power Commissioner to organize, streamline and lead on fusion power development.

Check out ASP’s Fact Sheet on Fusion here.  Find the full report at:  Fusion Power – A 10 Year Plan to Energy Security – White Paper 2013