PolyDrop Wins $10K at UW Environmental Innovation Challenge

Teams from universities and colleges around the Northwest congregated at Seattle Center to pitch their innovations that addressed energy, urban agriculture, recycling, built environment, and water-related problems as part of Environmental Innovation Challenge.  $22,500 was awarded to five different teams.

Taking the $10,000 first place was PolyDrop, which describes its effort as follows:

The transportation industry is looking to move towards using light-weight carbon fiber materials to reduce fuel consumption and decrease carbon dioxide emissions. However, carbon fiber composites accumulate a static charge that will interfere with a vehicle’s sensitive electronics. PolyDrop solves this problem by providing a means to dissipate static electricity with a viable conductive technology.

Coming in second was Pure Blue Technologies, another UW group that developed a safer and more efficient way to disinfect water.

You can find out more about the rest of the teams here.

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