SnoPUD Customers’ Solar Installations Triple, System Prices Dropping

Snohomish County Public Utility DistrictThree times as many Snohomish PUD customers are now tapping solar energy compared to three years ago. More than 300 rooftop systems have been installed at homes and businesses served by the utility.

“We’re seeing prices drop considerably as more people embrace this clean energy source,” said PUD Energy Efficiency Program Manager Leslie Moynihan. “Many systems, in fact, have dropped in price by as much as 40 percent.”

In addition to lower system prices, solar enthusiasts can tap federal tax credits and state production incentives to help pay off their investments in solar much quicker. The PUD also offers incentives and educational support through its Solar Express program.

“With the incentives I’ve received and strong energy production, I haven’t had to pay a PUD bill in nearly two years,” said Karen Gahm of Snohomish. “And with a new heat pump and other improvements, my home has never been more comfortable.”

PUD customers who’ve installed solar energy systems also like how they’re helping the environment by generating clean energy.

“We were interested in a smaller carbon footprint, self-sufficiency and lower costs,” said Ruth Gustafson of Mukilteo. “Our panels produce energy even on cloudy days.”

PUD Solar Express

The PUD’s Solar Express program provides a range of incentives and educational support to make the process easy.

Residential customers can qualify for up to $2,500 for solar photovoltaic systems and commercial customers can qualify for up to $10,000. All customers with electric water heaters can qualify for a $500 incentive for solar hot water systems. Residential customers may instead opt for a 2.9% APR loan up to $25,000 for photovoltaic panels and up to $14,000 for solar hot water systems. Customers may also qualify for additional federal tax credits and state production incentives.

Solar Express is one of the ways the PUD is promoting clean, locally-generated renewable resources. For more information, including qualifications, call the PUD Energy Hotline at 425-783-1700 or visit




 Source:  SnoPUD Press Release, April 18, 2013