Olympia Legislative Report, April 26, 2013

Washington Clean Tech Alliance
Prepared by:  Boswell Consulting

We have reached the end of regular session and it is clear that we are headed into a special session.  At this point, we are not sure when the special session will be called, but rumors indicate that there might be some kind of a break between the end of regular session and the start of the special session.  Driving the need for the special session are budget negotiations. The House, Senate and Governor remain far apart on general fund budget negotiations.  The House passed $900 million worth of new taxes in a variety of areas, the Senate has so far been steadfast in its refusal to create any new taxes, and the Governor has indicated a desire to continue policy work around strengthening DUI laws, reproductive parity and gun control.

We expect the Governor will make an effort during special session to incorporate some elements of his clean tech account proposal as well as trying to continue the sales tax exemption on renewables.  All of these are expected to be somewhat controversial as general fund negotiations play out.

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