Coalition for Green Capital Praises President's Climate Progarm

Ken Berlin
Ken Berlin

Ken Berlin, the Executive Vice President of the Coalition for Green Capital, released the following statement yesterday on behalf of the Energy and Environment Team (EE) praising President Obama’s new national climate program.  The Energy & Environment Team (EE), a group of national, state and local energy and climate leaders, praised President Obama’s bold commitment to reduce carbon pollution from both new and existing power plants and take other steps to reduce carbon emissions. Ken Berlin, the Chair of the Energy and Environment Team stated:

“In his first term, President Obama began the process of reducing carbon pollution in the transportation sector by doubling automobile mileage standards and increasing standards for light trucks, thus reducing oil consumption by more than 2 million barrels a day by 2025.  He also continued to encourage the transition to a clean energy economy by providing strong support to clean energy technologies and energy efficiency measures.  In his speech yesterday, the President further closed the loop on reducing carbon pollution by taking steps to address carbon emissions from new and existing power plants, propelling the United States back to a leadership role in international climate negotiations.

The importance of these measures is becoming increasingly clear as climate change impacts more and more communities.  Climate change is happening now, it is affecting people’s health now, and it is hurting the economy now.  Last year alone, climate disruption cost US taxpayers over $100 billion.  The threat climate change poses to future generations is so great that it creates a moral obligation for the US to act now to reduce carbon emissions.

Starting with the automobile, America’s leadership in technological innovation has been a great driver of the American economy.  We need to maintain that leadership in clean energy technology, which was the fastest growing industry during the great recession.  The President’s proposals drive innovation by creating a level playing field, catalyzing research and investment, and helping create demand for clean energy products.  Limiting carbon emissions played a role in the recovery of the auto industry and a similar approach can stimulate innovation in the power sector.

Because climate change cannot be addressed by one nation alone, the President’s commitment to the US taking the lead in international climate negotiations is particularly important.  With the US now addressing carbon pollution in most sectors of its economy, the President’s program puts our country in a strong position to take the lead in negotiations.

For decades, Presidents of both parties have worked to ensure American leadership in protecting the environment.  Today’s actions build on these historically bi-partisan actions and ensure both a robust economy and a healthy environment for future generations.”

EE Team Chair, Ken Berlin, is available to discuss the President’s Speech

The EE Team was formed in 2010 to support the President’s reelection and his position on climate change and other energy and environmental issues.  Its members include leaders of the Washington environmental and energy communities and leaders on the state and local levels.  During the 2012 campaign, the EE Team established state committees in all the swing states and in other states where energy and environmental issues were important during the election.  The EE team is now working to increase political support for addressing climate change.