The Social Summary – Greg Barker, UK Minister for Energy and Climate Change

Did you miss today’s breakfast event with the UK Minister for Energy and Climate Change? Read the Tweets from those who attended!

  • @GregBarkerMP now at #wctaevents in Seattle. UK innovation & investment in clean tech sector
  • Energy Minister discusses strengthening UK and WA State clean tech trade ties
  • UK Energy Minister discusses advancing #cleantech investment and innovation in WA State through UK/US collaboration @wacleantech
  • “WA State’s like-minded approach to fostering a robust green economy makes it a natural partner for the UK” @GregBarkerMP
  • @wacleantech. UK minister for energy and climate, Gregory Barker: cross-party consensus about need and opportunity for climate action.
  • @wacleantech Gregory Barker: virtually no controversy in UK over carbon markets and regulation through EU ETS.
  • @wacleantech Gregory Barker – “in US, hearing conservative talk about need for climate action, is like watching dog dancing on 2 legs”
  • @wacleantech. In UK “green growth” accounted for 1/3 of economic growth — increasing 5% per year.
  • Barker says PM Thatcher was climate advocate. Would shake handbag at anyone saying conservatives can’t advocate climate action #WCTAevents
  • Barker is touring W Coast to learn from how states, regions and communities are addressing climate issues.#WCTAevents
  • In 2008 UK passed law on bipartisan vote to reduce emissions to 80% of 1990 level, by 2050. #WCTAevents
  • “We think we can address climate change in an ambitious way w/out harming our economy” – UK Minister Barker #WCTAevents
  • UK created 1st European GReen Bank w/$5B investing with not instead of market. #WCTAevents
  • Barker says PM Thatcher was advocate for climate change policies back in ’89. Said its a core conservative issue. #WCTAevents
  • UK focusing heavily on energy efficiency, in large part to keep costs down for consumers, business #WCTAevents again cf Germany
  • “We think green business market growth will halve our export trade deficit by 2015” #WCTAevents
  • “We’re very watchful that the poor not be harmed in our low carbon transformation.” (As is happening in Germany) #WCTAevents
  • Barker: We phased in moderate cap-trade program, ppl bought in. Your Waxman-Markey went 0-100mph in short time, ppl opposed #WCTAevents
  • We need “ground up, community-based solutions to climate issues. There’s no amount of govt $$ that can solve the problems.” #WCTAevents
  • UK Climate Minister speaking at @wacleantech notes low regulation, free trade and tax rates are key to green innovation.

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